External Hard Drive turned RAW

It is rather distressing when you encounter a RAW hard disk. It could be unexpected to see any such kind of errors as you plug an external HD into the computer. Alongside, with such troubles in the disk, it won’t be possible to read or access any data saved under the HD storage. Whenever you attempt to access any files from the disk that turned to RAW format, you would get an error message. The error message could state that the drive is not formatted or inaccessible. Proceeding to format the drive will completely erase all the data stored under it. Thereby, it proves to be risky when some important data resides in the inaccessible drive.

Nevertheless, there are a number of causes that result in the RAW file system on the removable drive.  Some common reasons are listed down here –

  • Bad sector formation on the disk
  • Structural damages in the disk file system
  • MBR or partition table corruptions
  • Power outages and abrupt system shutdown
  • Virus and malware threats
  • Improper disk operations and incorrect handling

With damages occurred to the disk file system, Windows will ultimately fail to read the drive data or files. At such a point, you need to be careful with your next move, especially when you got some important data on the drive partitions. Before that you fix the problematic drive you should initially restore drive contents before it is too late.

Retrieve data from a RAW drive

Both internal HD and external HD drives could encounter RAW format. To that, there exists a fine solution known as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to get off data from any inaccessible disk. Despite, this tool is also capable of reviving data from the drive even after a format operation. All other kinds of removable storage drives can make use of this utility for any data recovery purposes. Therewith, in the simple set of steps, you can get off disk data in their original format. Once that you are successful in restoring the drive data, you can convert the RAW drive to NTFS format using different techniques.

How to Fix Inaccessible PST File after Upgrading to Windows 10

After the Windows OS update most of them are facing issue in accessing their mailbox when they logged in to Outlook account. It displayed

“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook.  Cannot open the Outlook window.  The set of folders cannot be    opened. File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file

C:\Yous\you name\Documents\Outlook Files\Outlook.pst. “

Well, if you are one among them then go through this page, here is a solution for such issues. Firstly, let us know the reason behind this Outlook Error:

This usually happens when

  • If you forget to set the permission to access Outlook PST file
  • You have logged on to their old MS Outlook account using updated Windows with local account.
  • If you don’t know about the statistic that the Outlook PST files are still used.

How to resolve this error?

You can easily get rid of such errors by changing the permission to access their PST file. Well, here are the steps to set permission to their PST file.

  • Initially, go to file location: C:\Yous\you name\Documents\Outlook Files\Outlook.pst.
  • Then point to File menu and select Properties and choose Security Tab.
  • Now hit on Edit button and choose user account.
  • Then select the option “Full control” permission.
  • Later, close all dialogue box by clicking on OK button
  • Finally restart your Outlook

Just by changing settings, you can resolve this problem but if fails then there are possibilities that PST file may get corrupt further. In such situation, you may go with scanpst.exe which is an in-built Outlook repair tool. This tool identifies the PST file issues and tries to fix it. While repairing this tool scans your PST file, identifies issues and tries to rebuild the structure of the file. But, this tool works on the original PST file, so if it fails to fix Outlook problems then the PST file may get further modified and it may reduce the chances of recovery even further.

Also, until Outlook 2007 version, you need to search the scanpst.exe location manually to repair PST file. However, the location of ScanPST varies for different Outlook versions. But from Outlook 2010 onwards, Inbox Repair tool runs automatically to fix issues.

If ScanPST fails to fix the issue, do you think your Outlook data is lost forever?

No, not at all! If scanpst.exe fails to fix inaccessible PST file after Windows 10 upgrade then download and install Remo Outlook PST Repair tool. This application provides simple steps to fix the corrupt Outlook file securely without losing any of your Outlook attributes. With this tool, you can also perform following functions:

  • Repairs Outlook Profiles.
  • Restores deleted Outlook attributes from Deleted Items folder.
  • Fixes PST file issues when it refuses to open and shows up error messages.
  • The utility can repair password protected or encrypted PST files.
  • After fixing PST file, entire Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, tasks, calendar items, RSS feeds, and others will be recovered and accessible as before.

Two Ways to Reduce Outlook OST file Size

If you’re reading this page, it is because you have come across certain issues with your Outlook OST file. The user may face issues when the Outlook OST file size is increased. Sometimes the size of the OST file increases beyond its limited size. In such situations, Outlook file gets corrupted. Once the Outlook file exceeds the maximum size limit, users may face various issues as mentioned below:

  • Unable to synchronize Outlook files with Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Cannot load or access the OST files
  • Error messages during synchronization process
  • Unable to add new data files to existing OST file

Generally, users opt for various methods to delete an OST file junk data in order to reduce size. But it does not exactly delete the file. In fact, the files are migrated into another folder. Therefore, this cannot reduce the Size of Outlook OST file as these removed files go to ‘Trash’ folder and ultimately result in the increased size of ‘Trash’ folder. Moreover, the size of OST file remains the same.

This page will provide you with some ways to reduce size of OST file:

Important: It is recommended to take a backup of the entire Outlook data before going for methods to minimize OST file size.

1: Rename OST file – Outlook files create problem while opening, sending /receiving mails. Therefore, you can rename the OST file to solve this problem. Once the renaming of OST files is done, restart Microsoft Outlook.

2: Run Microsoft Outlook in safe mode – According to this, you need to run the MS Outlook application in safe mode.

3: Archive the data of OST file: Once the space is unavailable on a server, it is suggested to archive it on offline Exchange server. A new file will be created, which may help to clear the space.

4: Generate new Outlook Profile – Another thing you can do is delete the current profile in Outlook. In place of the deleted profile, create a new profile to access Outlook with Exchange server.

5: Disable Add-Ons – It is possible that some add-ons disrupt the working of Microsoft Outlook resulting in improper working. In such cases, you need to disable all the add-ons that are installed in your MS Outlook.

After performing above easy steps, you will easily be able to minimize OST file size in a very short span of time.

Precautionary measures:

OST data file may cross the limits of defined file size limitation. Therefore, it is important to keep some points in mind to avoid this situation.

  • Always remove the unwanted items from all the folders of Outlook OST file
  • Whenever you delete a mail, it is recommended to execute hard deletion on it
  • Regularly reduce or compress file size of Outlook OST

How to Repair Inaccessible Outlook PST file Windows 10 upgrade

Is your Microsoft Outlook displaying errors stating that ‘Cannot start Microsoft Outlook’. ‘Cannot open the Outlook window’. You might be searching about this error in your browser in order to get handy solution. Soon you came across the reviews of Remo PST Repair tool and thought of trying the free trial version.

Fix your PST file after Windows 10 upgrade

Remo Repair Outlook PST assists you in resolving inaccessible PST file after Windows 10 upgrade. AS the tool works on read-only mode, you don’t have to worry about the original PST file as it will remain intact. With the guidance of Remo Repair Outlook PST software you can retrieve all the Outlook attributes securely. At times, you couldn’t locate your PST file, and then do-it-yourself tool searches and locates the PST file within simple clicks.

Go through the situations responsible for PST file corruption

  • Don’t share single PST file over the network
  • If in a hurry, you abruptly terminate your MS Outlook application then it results into corruption scenarios
  • If you are upgrading Outlook version improperly then it may result into PST file corruption
  • Try to maintain the size of PST file as oversized PST file leads to corruption

Apart from the mentioned situations, you might face few others Outlook PST file corruption issues. But if you act wise and take help of efficient utility like Remo Repair Outlook PST then you don’t have to worry. You can use this tool if you are wondering how can i fix PST file inaccessible after Windows 10 upgrade easily and retrieve emails from deleted items folder along with all the attributes like To, CC, BCC, Subject and much more.

Here are few suggestions:

PST file corruption issues are unavoidable but we can take necessary precaution by maintain backup copy of all Outlook data file

We failed to keep track on Outlook PST file size, if we check regularly and remove unwanted Outlook items regularly then PST file corruption can be avoided

It is advisable to handle large emails and attachments with care

Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery

Easily restore files from Mac hard drive in a matter of minutes. Whether the files are deleted, lost or corrupted from Mac drive, you can retrieve them. To know more, read this page…

You might have saved lots of valuable data on your Mac drive. Losing important files from Mac drive is a really annoying situation. First, let us see the reasons behind data loss from Mac drive and how to restore them.

Reasons behind data loss from Mac drive

Deletion: At times, you may accidentally delete important files from Mac drive while clearing some unwanted ones and later you may even empty the Trash folder.

Interruptions: While moving files from Mac drive to another storage device, if any interruptions occur then there are possibilities of data loss from Mac HDD.

Format: You may format your Mac drive containing valuable data instead of formatting some other drive or you may format the drive due to the occurrence of format errors while trying to access Mac drive.

Other Reasons: This includes

  • If the file system of Mac HDD gets corrupt then you cannot access the files stored on it which in-turn results in data loss.
  • Using unreliable third party applications installed on your PC might lead to deletion of files from Mac drive prior to your notice.
  • While using Command+ Delete key combination to delete files from Mac drive, if you mistakenly delete valuable files then it leads to data loss.

Well, data loss occurs in some or other way but it is possible to restore files from Mac drive unless you save new files on it. Hence, it is suggested not save any new data on Mac drive until recovery. Then make use of Mac Data Recovery tool by Remo software which scans the entire Mac drive thoroughly to locate and restore files. This tool restores documents, PDF, spreadsheets, audio, video file, etc.

How Remo Recover tool helps in recovering Mac HDD data?

Actually, when files are deleted or lost from Mac HDD, they are not completely erased. It means the address pointers of the files will be removed but the data still remains there but it cannot be recognized by OS. Hence, in order to restore such files from Mac drive, Remo has designed this Mac Data Recovery tool. The process to perform file recovery from Mac hard drive is simple and can be recovered from various Mac versions including EI Capitan. This Data Recovery tool provides other unique features such as:

  • This application requires less space to install on the drive.
  • Supports recovery of files from HFS+, HFSX, exFAT, FAT16, FAT32 partitions/drives.
  • Supports recovery of data from various Mac devices such as iMac, Mac Mini, and other Mac devices.
  • Save Recovery Session helps you to pause and resume the recovery process at any instant of time.
  • You can compress the recovered files to a ZIP archive to save the disk space.
  • Restores data from inaccessible, unmountable and non-bootable drives.


  • Always maintain an additional copy of important files on other storage devices.
  • Avoid interruptions while moving files from one location to another
  • Check before emptying Trash or formatting the Mac drive

Corrupt File Repair Software

Why my file is not opening!! I have saved properly in my drive but still I am unable to access my file!! is this thought troubling you?

Instead your file is showing error message stating that ‘error reading file, contents are corrupted’ or at times you may come across ‘the file is corrupted and cannot be opened’ Such errors are now very common due to which you might get troubled in opening your corrupted file. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to access your valuable file. By employing Remo File repair utility which is having in-built powerful features assist you in fixing corrupted file irrespective of the reasons behind its corruption.

Read this page further for knowing how to repair your corrupted file

The application is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Server Edition has Windows Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012.

During repair process, the application extracts data from the corrupted file and accordingly identifies the issues that are associated with file. After that, it fixes them individually by joining them together. This will create a new healthy playable file. After completing the repair process, you can preview the lost data that can be recovered from the damaged / corrupt file. Thereafter, you can save the recovered data to the destination that can be accessed from host computer.

Thereafter, the tool helps in retrieving RAW photo files of all popular formats like CR2, CRW, PEF, NEF etc. Furthermore it can restore your media files that are removed from Recycle Bin or sometimes deleted with shift + delete command. It is possible to recover files deleted from Windows command prompt in few minutes. The software is useful for repairing corrupted files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions. After completing recovery process, you can make use of Find Option that helps in locating particular files. The software that can fix corrupted files can arrange the repaired data on the basis of date, creation date, and extension, file size.

Safety Measures:

  • Use antivirus software protection for safeguarding your valuable files from getting corrupt
  • Avoid abrupt ejection of storage devices that are holding your crucial files
  • Make sure that you don’t interrupt the file transfer process


What Makes Linux Desktop Better than Others

For those who are still unaware of Linux Desktop’s advantages, go through this article. Here, you will get to know some of the Linux desktop’s advantages. Read this page, to know more…

First of all, Linux is free. The operating system or any of the programs you run will not cost you a dime. Linux lets users access the basic tools of a modern computer such as word processing and photo editing which otherwise might be unavailable as they are more costly.

Instead of weighing the merits of Mac or Windows, you will have vast choice offered by hundreds of distributions which facilitates different flavors of Linux which can be tried until you find the perfect one.

Saves money

Linux can save money on hardware, as some manufacturers such as Dell offers a discount for buying a computer with preinstalled Linux. They charge less because they don’t have to pass on the cost of licensing Windows from Microsoft.

Make It Your Own

There is nothing to customize in Linux. Linux desktop environment includes collections of basic user programs and visual elements such as status bars and launchers, and so on. Some Linux distributions come with a collection of the desktop environment. For instance, you can take Ubuntu which is paired with the Unity desktop. Others, such as Debian, let you opt during installation. In both the cases, users are free to change to any one as they like.

Among the popular Linux desktops, you can choose glossy modern interfaces like KDE Plasma or Gnome, or simple and lightweight ones such as Xfce and MATE. With each of these, it’s possible to personalize your setup further by changing the themes, system trays and menus, and so on.

Provides Security

With Linux, you can implement complete control over signature checking as you opt, and the major distributions enforce safe default settings. However, you might be shocked to find a single mainstream OS that offers daily updates, but with Linux there are dozens.

Natural Development Platform

With a Linux desktop, developers and the users who are interested in programming have more benefits because of Linux’s great development tools. The best compiling tools among them are the GNU C Compiler, GNU Autoconf. Most of the Internet’s infrastructure and connected devices run on Linux from servers to smart devices. Coding for these devices on Linux makes testing easier.

Benefits with friendly Community

Linux has a friendly community as its niche desktop OS, with about 3 percent market share, so the users who use it want prospective newcomers to stick around. Also, there are user forums, especially for beginner-friendly distributions like Ubuntu. This includes comprehensive guides to walk through the basics and troubleshoot issues as the power users tend to prefer Linux, wiki pages for distributions often contain thorough documentation. This is often applicable across distributions which enable users to carry out even the most esoteric projects.

Also, there are casual Linux forums and Reddit threads for everything from comparing different software to showing off desktop themes. Linux offers something for everyone. Hope, this brief information of Linux advantages gives you some idea about Linux desktop.

Fix 2016 MS PowerPoint File

Couple of weeks, I ran into a strange situation with my 2016 MS PowerPoint file. With lots of time and effort I had created business Presentation. One fine day before giving presentation, I was about to add few things so tried to open it, but to my surprise it was displaying some error message and I was unable to open it. Even after trying some manual methods, it was not opening. Then I started checking for solutions to fix the issue with my 2016 MS PowerPoint file. Then I got the right solution to fix MS 2016 Presentation file. So, here in this page, I’m introducing you the trustworthy PowerPoint repair tool. Read this page to know more…

To fix 2016 presentation file, Remo has designed PowerPoint Repair tool. Initially, I tried free trial version, then checked the repaired files with the help of Preview option and later purchased this repair tool to save the fixed 2016 MS PowerPoint files on my system. As it is non-destructive read-only tool, all your original corrupt Presentation files are kept intact.

Know how Remo Repair PowerPoint tool works

To repair MS 2016 PowerPoint file, this tool first reads corrupt PowerPoint file then extracts the elements such as hyperlinks, clipart, OLE objects, text, etc. and creates a healthy file. With this tool, you can even repair PPTX, PPS, and PPT files. The user-friendly interface of this application explains in simple steps on how to fix PPT File 2016 with ease. Besides, this utility is compatible to work on all latest versions of Windows OS, including Windows 10. Apart from 2016, various MS PowerPoint versions such as PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 can also be fixed.

Now, you have learnt about repairing corrupt PowerPoint file, so let us see the reasons behind corruption of Presentation file:

  • Abruptly switching off the laptop / PC when PowerPoint files are open.
  • Incomplete or improper installation of MS PowerPoint application
  • Changing the presentation file formats frequently
  • Corruption of PowerPoint file due to the usage of unreliable tools

Apart from this reasons, you may also come across other scenarios. Well, when a file gets corrupt, it displays error messages such as:

  • There was an error accessing C:\documents and settings\username\Presentation.pptx
  • The PPTX file is damaged and cannot be opened
  • PowerPoint found a problem with content in FileName.pptx
  • PowerPoint can’t read path\file_name.ppt.
  • PowerPoint found a problem with content in the file FileName.pptx and not able to display images, text or objects.

Well, whatever might be the reason behind the corruption of presentation file with Remo PowerPoint File Repair tool it can be fixed. After repairing, the files can be viewed in case of demo version. This utility provides another option- Save Recovery Session to pause the repair process and it can be resumed at any time. Thus, this feature avoids re-scanning time of the entire drive. This application requires minimum disk space to install. If your disk runs out of space, then you can compress repaired files to a ZIP archive and can be stored on any accessible storage devices.

How to Recover Video files from iPod Nano 5th Generation

So, you are looking for an easy step solution where you can retrieve video files from iPod Nano 5th generation? Well, if you are facing data loss situations from your iPod Nano then no need of getting panic. Since data loss cases such as video files, image files are very common these days. So even if you end up losing your files then that doesn’t mean that retrieving those files will be a difficult task. We are here to get back your video files from iPod Nano 5th generation with the assistance of Remo Recover software. If you want to know how Remo Recover software will help you out then go on reading this page.

Remo Recover: Video File Recovery from iPod Nano 5th generation

Remo Recover Mac is capable to retrieve iPod files on Mac system that have been lost or deleted due to unknown reasons. Apart from that, data recovery is possible from different models of iPod such as iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle.  Besides it also supports recovery of important files which are lost due to various reasons. Furthermore, tool scans the entire system and extracts all your deleted files in an appropriate manner.

Another important aspect of this utility is that, it provides recovery of files from hard drive, flash memory card, USB external drives, FireWire Drives, iPods etc. as well as other available storage devices. The application has the ability to recover more than 300 types of files. Thereafter, it can also identify and recover various file types on the basis of their unique signatures. It will further help in recognizing and preserving file names after recovery. The software provides stepwise procedure on how do i recover my videos from iPod Nano 5th generation without any difficulty.

Handy features of Remo Recover software

Demo Version: you can try Remo Recover Demo Version for free in order to check the evaluation of the software before you purchase the licensed version

Save Recovery Session: Save Recovery Session is useful for pauses the recovery process and saves the re-scanning time of the drive

Mac OS Support: It includes Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and EI Capitan

Preview Option: You can view the recovered data in Mac finder styled interface

Minimum Disk Space: For the installation of Remo Recover, you need to have minimum of 50 MB of free disk space

Supported Manufactures: Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Sony, Panasonic, Sigma, Pentax, Samsung, Fujifilm and many more

Everything You need to Know about Nexus Camera App

Nexus 6P is an amazing Android phone in terms of design, display, build quality, battery life and camera. Talking about camera, which means image quality that 6P can capture, you can take shots that stand up to the iPhone 6S, Galaxy S7 or other recent flagship Smartphone. But, the truth is the camera app that comes with Nexus phone is not so good.

It sounds awkward right? You can pick up a Nexus 6P, take a snap and come with something great. But every other flagship phone released this year is exactly same. However, one thing about those phones is they provide you all sorts of manual control for exposure, ISO, white balance and shutter speed. In case of Samsung, the camera app sets the bar; you need to double tap the home button shortcut to open it. While in iPhone, you can count on those quick “auto” photos to come out the way you intended. Talking about Galaxy Note 5 or S7 Edge, fixing white balance was just couple taps away and given with creative flexibility which is totally absent on Nexus devices.

Why does buying Nexus make users to settle for a camera App that can’t compare to Samsung’s?

Nexus phones are not only missing manual controls; the camera app lacks something as basic and fundamental as an exposure slider. Thus, the exposure slider has now become a staple on pretty much every other Smartphone. Google’s camera app once had an option to make exposure adjustments but now it disappeared. Even on Motorola’s Nexus 6, exposure control disappeared and not yet returned. Yet, the camera’s metering is often good on Nexus but there will be some occasions where it misreads the things.

How it is possible for the same company that created Google Photos to be satisfied with this?

You may say, even iPhone lacks manual control. But, in case of iOS, there are lots of third-party camera apps that offer controls that are missing from Apple’s built-in camera application. However, that supposed to be true on Android at least in theory as the manual camera on Nexus phone rarely works as promised. Just changing the white balance does nothing or the exposure dial is broken for some reason.

Nexus phones are made for technology lovers. Hence, still many Android users are on a view that they are on a pedestal that other phones can’t quite reach it. So, why does phone for nerds lack a fun and nerd way of making our pictures more beautiful? This makes no sense, especially after Google mastered the photo library app which was once worried no company would pull off with Google Photos. Later they crushed it which has a five-star review average on Apple’s App Store. Yet, when you open Google’s camera, you can’t bang the exposure or tweak the white balance. That stuff feels more important than Photo Sphere, as this thing keeps from using Google’s fantastic Nexus hardware full time.