Restore Deleted APK Files

“Hi, I have an Android Smartphone which had lots of gaming applications and few other apps. What I did is accidentally clicked Factory Reset option which removed all my Smartphone data including my favorite gaming APK files. I can’t download those gaming applications again and I am not even able to install 2 to 3 APK files from Play store. Every time when I try to install them, my android phone asks to force quit. Is there any way to recover android application files after erasing?”

APK (Android application package) is the application format which is downloaded online or downloaded generally through Play store. It may be business related software, music or video player, games, photo or video file editor, etc. These applications are in high demand and even plays crucial role in managing various files. What if you mistakenly delete important application files on your Android digital device? As said by an Android user which is mentioned above, it becomes somewhat difficult to get back APK files.  No need to worry in such case, it is a quite common issue to digital gadgets. You can effectively recover deleted files APK with the help of Remo Recover software. It can easily solve the above stated query i.e. restoring APK files after erasing them by accidentally due to selecting “Factory Reset” option on Android Smartphone. This application is specially designed for Android Operating Systems to get back various kinds of files including APK files. Prior to the tool, let’s go through the situations due to which a user will face application file deletion issues.

  • Android users may remove a wrong APK file instead of unwanted application from there digital gadget.
  • Sometimes users might intentionally delete android application packages from there Smartphone or Tablet thinking that they are not necessary and to save memory space for storing new files. After deletion they may realize that they are required.
  • Android devices are more sensitive for virus intrusions. Viruses may enter your device when you download multimedia files or applications from untrusted site. Upon connecting android device to computer, anti virus application might delete applications if found they are virus infected.

If you come across above stated scenarios that deleted your necessary Android application then don’t get offend as you can easily get back them. Take the pleasure of all deleted apps like photo editors, games, media players and other APK files by regaining them using professional recovery software Remo Recover. Utilizing this reliable program you can successfully recover and reuse APK files on Android OS devices.

Along with APK files this software can even recover photos, songs, video clips, movies after deletion. You can even rescue deleted RAW photo formats stored in Android devices. It supports various RAW image formats such as RAW, ORF, ARW, CR2, and many others. Along with recovering Android device’s internal memory data, it can even retrieve data from external memory i.e. memory cards like SD, SDXC, SDHC. In addition to restoring deleted files from memory card, it can even perform data recovery of formatted and improperly mounted memory card.

Why APK recovery using Remo Recover?

Fast restoration: Built with advanced scanning programs that scan both internal and even external memory areas to find erased applications and recovers deleted APK files in short duration.

Preview facility: Using this program you can preview retrieved APK files in “File Type View” or “Data Type View”. In addition, you can utilize demo version of this tool to evaluate its APK file recovery efficiency.

Safe recovery: This app is risk-free as it does not damage source APK files while recovering them.

Save Recovery session option: Using this option you can resume recovery process at any point of time and it even avoids re-scanning of your device for locating APK files if it is required in future.

Simple user interface: This application is simple to use by its graphical user interface. It even guides you with uncomplicated procedure, so that you can rescue APK files without facing any difficulty.

Support various Android devices: It can restore deleted application files from Smartphone’s and Tablets which operate on different versions of Android OS.

Hence, this program is known to be the best recovery app for Android device brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Micromax, Google Nexus, Lenevo, etc. For more details on how to get back deleted APK files form Android OS, visit this website:

How to prevent APK file deletion from Android devices:

  • Make sure that you are selecting appropriate APK files for deletion
  • At regular intervals, scan your Android devices using a proficient anti-virus utility
  • To make APK files safer, do not save any data on Obb/ directory
  • Finally, the important thing is to have a backup copy of essential APK files in multiple storage media.