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Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery

Easily restore files from Mac hard drive in a matter of minutes. Whether the files are deleted, lost or corrupted from Mac drive, you can retrieve them. To know more, read this page…

You might have saved lots of valuable data on your Mac drive. Losing important files from Mac drive is a really annoying situation. First, let us see the reasons behind data loss from Mac drive and how to restore them.

Reasons behind data loss from Mac drive

Deletion: At times, you may accidentally delete important files from Mac drive while clearing some unwanted ones and later you may even empty the Trash folder.

Interruptions: While moving files from Mac drive to another storage device, if any interruptions occur then there are possibilities of data loss from Mac HDD.

Format: You may format your Mac drive containing valuable data instead of formatting some other drive or you may format the drive due to the occurrence of format errors while trying to access Mac drive.

Other Reasons: This includes

  • If the file system of Mac HDD gets corrupt then you cannot access the files stored on it which in-turn results in data loss.
  • Using unreliable third party applications installed on your PC might lead to deletion of files from Mac drive prior to your notice.
  • While using Command+ Delete key combination to delete files from Mac drive, if you mistakenly delete valuable files then it leads to data loss.

Well, data loss occurs in some or other way but it is possible to restore files from Mac drive unless you save new files on it. Hence, it is suggested not save any new data on Mac drive until recovery. Then make use of Mac Data Recovery tool by Remo software which scans the entire Mac drive thoroughly to locate and restore files. This tool restores documents, PDF, spreadsheets, audio, video file, etc.

How Remo Recover tool helps in recovering Mac HDD data?

Actually, when files are deleted or lost from Mac HDD, they are not completely erased. It means the address pointers of the files will be removed but the data still remains there but it cannot be recognized by OS. Hence, in order to restore such files from Mac drive, Remo has designed this Mac Data Recovery tool. The process to perform file recovery from Mac hard drive is simple and can be recovered from various Mac versions including EI Capitan. This Data Recovery tool provides other unique features such as:

  • This application requires less space to install on the drive.
  • Supports recovery of files from HFS+, HFSX, exFAT, FAT16, FAT32 partitions/drives.
  • Supports recovery of data from various Mac devices such as iMac, Mac Mini, and other Mac devices.
  • Save Recovery Session helps you to pause and resume the recovery process at any instant of time.
  • You can compress the recovered files to a ZIP archive to save the disk space.
  • Restores data from inaccessible, unmountable and non-bootable drives.


  • Always maintain an additional copy of important files on other storage devices.
  • Avoid interruptions while moving files from one location to another
  • Check before emptying Trash or formatting the Mac drive

Restore Data from Failed External Hard Drive

These days utilization of electronic devices from very small field to big organizations has become very common to carry out multiple operations. Like in earlier days, important files, documents etc. will be persevered in personal computers, laptops or external devices in secured manner. Due to which removable/portable devices are in great demand among the computer users.

As the name indicates, external hard drive is a type of storage device which resides outside the system via USB ports. These are one such gadgets mainly used for transferring, retrieving data from one place to another or as backup devices. They have attracted its users because of huge memory space, high data transfer rate, supports various file formats, compatible with multiple devices, cost effective and so on.

When we are dependent on any electronic goods like external hard drive for storing vital files, it is good to know its disadvantages also. Yes, at times due to many unknown circumstances you might lose or delete pictures from external hard drive which is very annoying like case scenario discussed above.

Let us have some idea about reasons responsible for photo loss or deletion from external hard drive.

  • The very first reason for data loss from external hard drive is abrupt ejection. That is when external hard drive is connected to computer, laptop etc. for sharing photos, if you suddenly remove the drive in between the process leads to data loss
  • Accidental formatting is another common reason for losing photos from external hard drive. Sometimes, there are chances of formatting external drive when it is connected with system for file sharing process instead of other drive
  • Since, external hard drive can be attached to multiple devices for photo transfer process gets infected from external threats very easily. When such devices are connected systems which are very secured also sometimes get infected from harmful infections. These viruses will self replicate and can delete photos present in system
  • When external hard drive are been utilized simultaneously on multiple devices for exchanging or retrieving photos, its functional parts like software, file system might slow down and make drive inaccessible. In such cases, entire data including pictures present on it cannot be accessed

Likewise, there are plenty other reasons responsible for losing or deleting pictures from external hard drive. Unintentional deletion, power surge, sudden system termination, hard drive conflicts, untrusted third party applications etc. If you have backup of photos are they are not required in future it is well and good, no need to worry. When you have lost very essential pictures from external hard drive, then it should be recovered at any cost. In such instances, opt for reliable recovery tool like Remo Recover which explains how to recover failed external hard drive files. It is one of the most preferred photo recovery software designed with well equipped algorithms.

Remarkable features of Photo Recovery Software

Remo Recover  is professional, virus free with built in scanning algorithms for quick retrieval of deleted or lost photos from external hard drive on  system. It is capable of scanning entire hard drive in few minutes. This software supports different photo file formats like JPEG, TIFF, TIF and so on. It will support various brands of digital cameras like Nikon, Canon, Samsung, Sony, Kodak etc.

Beneficiary tips

  • Updated backup of essential photos should be preserved
  • External hard drive should not be ejected suddenly
  • Install authorized antivirus software
  • External hard drive should not be utilized immediately after photo loss or deletion


Recovering Data from Seagate Hard Drive

Seagate hard drive provides huge memory space, high data transfer speed and user friendly features. This drive supports different types of files like photos, movies, games, documents etc. and can be used as backup devices also. Sometimes, under certain conditions there are chances of losing or deleting data from Seagate hard drive.

You will use your Seagate hard drive as backup device for storing important files. As normal, you have connected external hard drive to your PC for transferring some of the files. But, suddenly you encounter an error message like unable to mount device. You have retried by inserting the Seagate drive again to PC but still situation remains same. Now you cannot open or close the drive as a result complete data stored it also becomes inaccessible.

Now, the question arises that “can data be recovered from Seagate hard drive”? But before answering briefly in depth, accurate explanation is required. Whenever you store data in Seagate hard drive, it is stored in tables referring to pointer address. So, if data gets deleted or lost from hard drive are not removed permanently. These data exist in external hard drive unless they are overwritten with new data. Now, with the help of Remo Recover you can easily perform Seagate hard drive recovery on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Some of the scenarios responsible for losing or deleting data from Seagate hard drive are mentioned below

  • Unintentionally formatting Seagate drive when it is connected your system instead of other logical drive leads to data loss
  • Unknowingly deleting important data instead of unwanted or old data leads to deletion
  • Interruptions like power failure, abrupt ejection of external hard drive, sudden system termination etc. during file sharing process from Seagate drive to other devices may cause data loss
  • Seagate hard drive gets corrupted from external threats, presence of bad sectors etc. will not react to any open or close operations. As a result data stored on it cannot be accessed
  • File system corruption, software clashes, hardware conflicts, untrusted third party applications, accidental formatting, reformatting etc. are other reasons

Losing essential data from Seagate external hard drive is very troublesome as it is difficult to recover them back. In such situations, most of them conclude that data cannot be restored back and will keep quite. But, it is possible to perform data recovery from Seagate hard drive using Remo Recover software.

Beneficiary tips to remember

  • Seagate hard drive should not be ejected abruptly in between data transfer process
  • Have an extra copy of important files in any secured storage device
  • Before connecting the drive, scan the system with updated antivirus software
  • Stop using the drive immediately after data loss or deletion

Have a brief about Seagate hard drive recovery

Remo Recover is one of the well suited software for restoring deleted or lost data from Seagate hard drive. This tool can scan the entire drive in few minutes for recovering data at the earliest from the drive. It will create disk image on the drive containing bad sectors, hence data from it can be recovered in ease.

  • Restores data from different products of Seagate like internal HDD, external hard drive, desktop and laptop HDD, FireWire drives, Solid State Drives
  • Recovers data back from your formatted, reformatted, deleted or lost Seagate hard drive partitions/ Volume
  • This software can be operated on all the versions of both Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP…) and Mac (Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion…)operating systems
  • Free trial version can be downloaded to have accountable knowledge about the software

Other Hard Drive Brands Supported by Remo: Toshiba, LaCie, Iomega, HP, Buffalo, Hitachi, Transcend, Fujitsu, Samsung and many more.

Retrieving Files from Unbootable Hard Drive

Performance of hard drive plays a vital role in system operations. Everything you create in your system is stored in hard drive. Files, documents, video, audio and even the operating system are stored in hard drive only. Hard drive has enormous amount of memory so it is considered to be a large repository of data.

In that case if any problem like non-booting occurs in hard drive then it will affect the whole system performance and large amount of data may be lost. If your computer shows error messages like”Disk boot failure” or“FATAL:No bootable medium found! System halted” then it is due to your unbootable hard drive where your operating system is stored on.

Some of the other reasons like incorrect boot sequence, malfunctioning of newly installed hard drive, or a damaged disk may result in the boot failure of hard drive. Errors can occur while repartitioning the hard drive which makes the drive collision and makes it unbootable. Another reason is file system corruption which affects the booting process of hard disk.

Rest of the problems observed in hard drive:

Other than that hard drive becomes inaccessible and data is lost due to many other scenarios.

  • MBR (Master Boot Record) is the starting point of any hard drive and it carries out the boot process and loads the operating system. If any problem occurs in MBR then it will make the hard drive unbootable.
  • Continuously using the hard drive may create bad sectors and if it increases then the hard drive becomes unbootable.
  • Hard drive becomes unbootable if the boot file gets affected due to virus attacks.
  • Faulty installation of operating system can cause hard drive failure which affects the booting process of the hard drive.

Generally, as a precautionary measure people use to take back up of data in the hard drive to avoid data loss situations. But what if the backup is not taken, at such scenarios we need powerful recovery tool to recover the data from hard drive. Remo Recover is one such tool used to recover the data from hard drive that is inaccessible or having booting problems etc.

Remo Recover –Restore the data from unbootable hard drive:

Remo Recover software can deal non-booting or inaccessible hard drives that are affected due to any complicated reasons. It has advanced recovery algorithms which deep scans the hard drive with large capacity and restore unbootable hard drive data. It can recover all types of data which includes documents, audio, video, operating system etc. It supports different kinds of hard drive like IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSD, external USB etc. Apart from that it can retrieve data from formatted/reformatted and partitioned/repartitioned hard drives. The data recovered retains its original file type and structure.

It can create disk images from bad sectors so that the data can be recovered from those images. “Find” option makes it easier for a user to locate a particular file among the other data. “Preview” option facilitates the user with choice of reviewing the recovered data. Along with that it can also retrieve files from the hard drives that have been accidently deleted by the user using “Format” option. The recovered data can be sorted based on their file type, size and date etc. you can also add or edit signatures to the files.

You are a Mac OS user? No problem. Remo Recover is compatible to use with both Windows and Mac operating system. Various file system supported are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5,  exFAT , HFSX, HFS+ etc.

Points to remember to avoid unbootable hard drive data loss:

  • Do not try to install more than one operating system and avoid multi-booting environment.
  • Shutdown the system in proper way to avoid “STOP error”.
  • Always have a periodical back up of data stored in the hard drive.
  • Update the antivirus software in your system to avoid file loss in hard drive.
  • Avoid the bad sectors in hard drive by doing defragmentation.