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External Hard Drive turned RAW

It is rather distressing when you encounter a RAW hard disk. It could be unexpected to see any such kind of errors as you plug an external HD into the computer. Alongside, with such troubles in the disk, it won’t be possible to read or access any data saved under the HD storage. Whenever you attempt to access any files from the disk that turned to RAW format, you would get an error message. The error message could state that the drive is not formatted or inaccessible. Proceeding to format the drive will completely erase all the data stored under it. Thereby, it proves to be risky when some important data resides in the inaccessible drive.

Nevertheless, there are a number of causes that result in the RAW file system on the removable drive.  Some common reasons are listed down here –

  • Bad sector formation on the disk
  • Structural damages in the disk file system
  • MBR or partition table corruptions
  • Power outages and abrupt system shutdown
  • Virus and malware threats
  • Improper disk operations and incorrect handling

With damages occurred to the disk file system, Windows will ultimately fail to read the drive data or files. At such a point, you need to be careful with your next move, especially when you got some important data on the drive partitions. Before that you fix the problematic drive you should initially restore drive contents before it is too late.

Retrieve data from a RAW drive

Both internal HD and external HD drives could encounter RAW format. To that, there exists a fine solution known as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to get off data from any inaccessible disk. Despite, this tool is also capable of reviving data from the drive even after a format operation. All other kinds of removable storage drives can make use of this utility for any data recovery purposes. Therewith, in the simple set of steps, you can get off disk data in their original format. Once that you are successful in restoring the drive data, you can convert the RAW drive to NTFS format using different techniques.

What Makes Linux Desktop Better than Others

For those who are still unaware of Linux Desktop’s advantages, go through this article. Here, you will get to know some of the Linux desktop’s advantages. Read this page, to know more…

First of all, Linux is free. The operating system or any of the programs you run will not cost you a dime. Linux lets users access the basic tools of a modern computer such as word processing and photo editing which otherwise might be unavailable as they are more costly.

Instead of weighing the merits of Mac or Windows, you will have vast choice offered by hundreds of distributions which facilitates different flavors of Linux which can be tried until you find the perfect one.

Saves money

Linux can save money on hardware, as some manufacturers such as Dell offers a discount for buying a computer with preinstalled Linux. They charge less because they don’t have to pass on the cost of licensing Windows from Microsoft.

Make It Your Own

There is nothing to customize in Linux. Linux desktop environment includes collections of basic user programs and visual elements such as status bars and launchers, and so on. Some Linux distributions come with a collection of the desktop environment. For instance, you can take Ubuntu which is paired with the Unity desktop. Others, such as Debian, let you opt during installation. In both the cases, users are free to change to any one as they like.

Among the popular Linux desktops, you can choose glossy modern interfaces like KDE Plasma or Gnome, or simple and lightweight ones such as Xfce and MATE. With each of these, it’s possible to personalize your setup further by changing the themes, system trays and menus, and so on.

Provides Security

With Linux, you can implement complete control over signature checking as you opt, and the major distributions enforce safe default settings. However, you might be shocked to find a single mainstream OS that offers daily updates, but with Linux there are dozens.

Natural Development Platform

With a Linux desktop, developers and the users who are interested in programming have more benefits because of Linux’s great development tools. The best compiling tools among them are the GNU C Compiler, GNU Autoconf. Most of the Internet’s infrastructure and connected devices run on Linux from servers to smart devices. Coding for these devices on Linux makes testing easier.

Benefits with friendly Community

Linux has a friendly community as its niche desktop OS, with about 3 percent market share, so the users who use it want prospective newcomers to stick around. Also, there are user forums, especially for beginner-friendly distributions like Ubuntu. This includes comprehensive guides to walk through the basics and troubleshoot issues as the power users tend to prefer Linux, wiki pages for distributions often contain thorough documentation. This is often applicable across distributions which enable users to carry out even the most esoteric projects.

Also, there are casual Linux forums and Reddit threads for everything from comparing different software to showing off desktop themes. Linux offers something for everyone. Hope, this brief information of Linux advantages gives you some idea about Linux desktop.

Everything You need to Know about Nexus Camera App

Nexus 6P is an amazing Android phone in terms of design, display, build quality, battery life and camera. Talking about camera, which means image quality that 6P can capture, you can take shots that stand up to the iPhone 6S, Galaxy S7 or other recent flagship Smartphone. But, the truth is the camera app that comes with Nexus phone is not so good.

It sounds awkward right? You can pick up a Nexus 6P, take a snap and come with something great. But every other flagship phone released this year is exactly same. However, one thing about those phones is they provide you all sorts of manual control for exposure, ISO, white balance and shutter speed. In case of Samsung, the camera app sets the bar; you need to double tap the home button shortcut to open it. While in iPhone, you can count on those quick “auto” photos to come out the way you intended. Talking about Galaxy Note 5 or S7 Edge, fixing white balance was just couple taps away and given with creative flexibility which is totally absent on Nexus devices.

Why does buying Nexus make users to settle for a camera App that can’t compare to Samsung’s?

Nexus phones are not only missing manual controls; the camera app lacks something as basic and fundamental as an exposure slider. Thus, the exposure slider has now become a staple on pretty much every other Smartphone. Google’s camera app once had an option to make exposure adjustments but now it disappeared. Even on Motorola’s Nexus 6, exposure control disappeared and not yet returned. Yet, the camera’s metering is often good on Nexus but there will be some occasions where it misreads the things.

How it is possible for the same company that created Google Photos to be satisfied with this?

You may say, even iPhone lacks manual control. But, in case of iOS, there are lots of third-party camera apps that offer controls that are missing from Apple’s built-in camera application. However, that supposed to be true on Android at least in theory as the manual camera on Nexus phone rarely works as promised. Just changing the white balance does nothing or the exposure dial is broken for some reason.

Nexus phones are made for technology lovers. Hence, still many Android users are on a view that they are on a pedestal that other phones can’t quite reach it. So, why does phone for nerds lack a fun and nerd way of making our pictures more beautiful? This makes no sense, especially after Google mastered the photo library app which was once worried no company would pull off with Google Photos. Later they crushed it which has a five-star review average on Apple’s App Store. Yet, when you open Google’s camera, you can’t bang the exposure or tweak the white balance. That stuff feels more important than Photo Sphere, as this thing keeps from using Google’s fantastic Nexus hardware full time.

Xiaomi Mi 5 India Launch everything you need to know

The Xiaomi Mi 5 was launched in February by the organization. The handset was long past due given that Xiaomi’s opponents were discharging good quality offerings all the time, while the last known Xiaomi flagship came approximately 17 months back as the Mi 4. It was in the past now as the Mi 5 is the new release, with the handset effectively accessible for buying in China. The lead will soon be accessible in India also with the organization planning the declaration for March 31. Here are a couple of things for Indian fans need to know about the gadget.

Hardware: Although a large portion of us know about Mi 5 device, there are few other things that we won’t know. The gadget arrives in a Pro form with 128GB of capacity and 4GB of RAM, while the standard model comprises 32 or 64GB of capacity and 3GB of RAM. The Pro model likewise contains a 3D Ceramic back board, while the standard models brandish a 3D glass back board.

So which form will Xiaomi convey to India? Since the organization has not told anything about that and it will be good to think that all models will be made accessible in the district. Both models have the same equipment specs, so there won’t be any progressions excep in the capacity and RAM. So you should know to locate the 5.15-creep Full HD (1920×1080) show, a quad-center Snapdragon 820 SoC, a 16MP back camera, MIUI 7 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a USB Type-C port and a unique mark scanner.

Evaluating: The Pro form of the handset is valued at 2,699 CNY or Rs 27,500 (in China), which is truly sensible. The standard models in 32 or 64GB stockpiling blends are valued at 1999 CNY (Rs 20,400) and 2299 CNY (Rs 23,500) separately. Spills have shown that the Mi 5 in India will begin from Rs 21,000 while the top end model will as far as anyone knows cost Rs 25,000 or somewhat higher, which is according with the Chinese rate. The organization is yet to make things clear on this front, so nothing can be decided.

Accessibility: With a declaration planned for March 31, the Mi 5 should be accessible to buy from early April. It won’t be an shock if the organization chooses a flash sale model, which has seen much accomplishment in India. This would imply that clients will need to pre-register for a week after week deal and be snappy as the handsets on flash sale more often than not offer out inside of a matter of seconds. Retailer restrictiveness shouldn’t be a worry and it’s imaginable that the gadget will be accessible through and also Amazon/Flipkart (or both). In the past Xiaomi gadgets were just accessible from Flipkart, so it’s useful for the buyers that those limitations have facilitated up a bit now.

Google Calendar helps in achieving your goals

Google Calendar has introduced an interesting feature called as Goals. This new feature makes use of machine learning technique that helps you to figure out and let you know that when you should spend time with your family or when you should exercise.  Apart from this, there was a disclosure that this new feature is now available for Calendar’s Android and iOS apps.

There is provision of setting Goals by clicking into a category and it includes Exercise, Build a skill and Me Time which can be customized. After that you can select a specific activity, then the calendar will automatically find open slots, you can fill them with your goals and thereafter send reminders.

Sometimes, you may schedule something else then Google Calendar will find another window for your goal. With the help of Goal’s machine intelligence it is possible to keep better time slots for goals until you can no longer avoid it.

There are situations where people might think that why they need machine learning algorithms that would suggest them to take care of themselves. Well, it was noted that Goal’s purpose was very different from many other productivity apps designed to create healthy life. It seems that Google integrates most of the features from Timeful, which is smart scheduling app.

google goals

There are few advantages of Goals that many people find it trustworthy from many years. Besides, the Google Calendar turns 10 by this year and on its anniversary it will add some new features such as to do tracker called Reminders. This feature will help in competing against other time management apps.  Further these Goals may be available on the web, but for that they haven’t planned or decided any specific time frame.

In this way this amazing new feature will guide you appropriately in achieving your goals with ease.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S vs Google Pixel C

Nowadays, Smartphones and Tablets are gaining more popularity. Tablets can now act as a laptop as they come with bigger display along with some notable specifications. Here let us see Galaxy TabPro S and Google Pixel C in detail.


The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S weighs about 784 grams and measures 290.3×198.8×6.3mm whereas Google Pixel C is smaller which measures 242x179x7mm and weighs 517 grams.

Screen Display

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S comes with 12-inch Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 2160×1440 pixels. This device is compatible with Windows 10 OS and this is the first tablet to be loaded with Microsoft’s operating system which uses a Super AMOLED display, according to Samsung.

The Google Pixel C is provided with a smaller LTPS IPS LCD display. Its diagonal measures about 10.2-inch and offers a resolution of 2560×1800 pixels at 308 ppi.

Processors, Graphics Cards and RAM

The Galaxy TabPro S offers a 6th generation dual-core Intel Core M3-6Y30 processor that is clocked at 2.2GHz and 4GB of RAM.

On the other hand we have Google Pixel C, which features Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset, a quad-core processor clocked at 1.9GHz, along with Nvidia Maxwell graphics card and 3GB of RAM.


The Galaxy TabPro S comes with two storage variants i.e. 128GB and 256GB SSD. Whereas the Google Pixel C is also available in two variants, one is 32GB and the other is 64GB. But, the memory space cannot be expanded as the Pixel C tablet is not provided with a memory card slot.


The Galaxy TabPro S has a camera on the rear side and supported with a resolution of 5MP. On the other hand, Google Pixel has been released with two cameras, the primary one is found on the rear side with 8MP resolution while the other camera on the front side with 2MP resolution.

Battery Life

The Galaxy TabPro S is powered by a 5200 mAh battery, so that the device can run for 10.5 hours. Also, this battery can be charged in 2.5 hours by using the USB Type-C.

In case of Google Pixel C, the battery is powered with 9243 mAh, so that it can keep device alive for many hours without any issues.

How to Boot Windows 10 from USB

Here you will know the steps required to boot Windows 10 computer / laptop using a USB drive. Booting from a USB drive is usually carried out when your system is not booting from HDD.

Booting Windows 10 from USB:

The first and foremost thing to know before booting from USB drive is that you should have Windows 10 bootable USB drive. In case, you don’t have the drive then you may think what to do next? Luckily, you can still carry out the procedure by creating Windows 10 USB Recovery Drive. It is very easy to create Windows 10 USB recovery drive; you just need to access another system running Windows 10 OS. Process of creating Windows 10 recovery drive is easy, to know the steps, see here: How to create Windows 10 Recovery Drive.

Normally, when you ON your computer, it boots from internal hard drive where OS is installed. But, if you want to boot through USB drive, you have to do changes in the BIOS settings. Just go to BIOS options and change the boot sequence to make computer to boot from the USB drive. Know the steps which are required to enable USB boot in BIOS.

Simple Steps for Booting Windows 10 from USB Drive:

Step 1: Connect Windows 10 bootable USB drive or Windows 10 USB recovery drive to the system.
Step 2: Then, make sure that you have unplugged all external drives like card reader, printer, CD, DVD, etc. from the system, before carrying out actual process.
Step 3: Restart you computer and wait till it boots from USB drive.
Step 4: Then, select Repair your Computer option from the displayed screen.
Step 5: Now, choose Troubleshoot option from available three options – Continue, Troubleshoot and Turn off your PC and then select Advanced Options.
Step 6: After clicking advanced option, a screen will be displayed with some option. You need to click on Startup Setting option.
Step 7: Next, click on Restart option from the screen.
Step 8: Finally, your system will boot to another screen which will display 9 startup options.
Step 9: From the displayed option, choose 4th option i.e. Enable Safe Mode by pressing F4 key. (If you want to boot your system into safe mode with networking then you need to press F5 Key).

Hence, by following above method you can easily boot your Windows 10 system from an USB drive to troubleshoot problems during booting of the system from its internal hard disk.

Impact of Safari 8 Browser on Yosemite

Apple’s Mac OS X Yosemite is spacious and has advanced features in a way that no other OS can match, with its unparalleled integration among its built-in apps and networked devices. Apple provides us with new version of safari web browser and want us to give it a try. It is just mind blowing that the safari browser is really fast and you may not switch to other browser after using it.

Safari loads the pages faster in Mac OS X Yosemite and improves the performance of whole computer. Apple reports that safari web browser performs faster than Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on several JavaScript performance benchmarks including JSBench and Apple’s new Jetstream test. It also provides longer battery life for MacBook or laptops and moreover safari runs on 64 bit rather than 32 bit.

Mobile Friendly

For Apple, performance of safari is more important for both Mac and iOS systems as many programmers have been developing apps using Apple’s Web-rendering technology. As an added advantage, many apps chose to open the pages in the safari web browser. It has hew Handoff feature which gives you an easy way  to send a tab from your mobile to your computer, and iCloud can sync bookmarks, history, tabs and Apple’s read-later service Reading List.

Brand New Features

Safari has been designed with new tab page with favorite view, which comprises of twitter, Facebook, feedly, Social cast and New Post etc. These application sync with safari on iOS like Yosemite and provides you better access.

Limitations of Safari browser

Compared to safari, google chrome is better in tab management, as it doesn’t provides favicons, which makes it easy to lose a page you need for reference. Some of Google’s features like ability to left click and search by image, or automatic translation.