File Recovery from Memory Card

Memory card is a storage device, which can be used to save important photos, videos, songs and other media files. It can be used in many electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, laptop and video game consoles. Sometimes you may use same memory card on different devices to store files that may leads to files loss from it. But at that time, you have to remember that the lost files will not be permanently deleted from your card, it only hidden and OS indicates that the memory space is free so that the space can be used again. Therefore before performing memory card files recovery, don’t save other files on your memory card, because these new files that are stored will overwrite the previous files and makes recovery process difficult.

Now, you might be thinking that how to recover files from memory card? Well, you can make use of Remo Recover utility for restoring files from memory card. It uses advanced scanning algorithms, which scans entire memory card in few minutes in order to locate and retrieve files from memory card.

Remo Recover software which helps you to recover your files from memory card:

Remo file recovery software can easily regain lost or deleted media files like photos, video and audio files from memory cards. The tool is capable to restore and identify over 50 types of file formats from memory card which includes JPEG, JPG, MP3, AVI, PEF, MP4 and many more. It helps you to sort recovered files on the basis of its file type, size and creation date etc. You can even add or edit signatures for files that are not listed.

The application supports various types of memory cards like CF card, SD card, XD card, Micro SD, Mini SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC cards, etc. The file recovery software not only recovers files from memory cards, it even works well when you lost or delete your files from hard drives, USB flash drives, iPod etc. You can make use of Remo file recovery software on any file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS+ and HFSX. It is compatible on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Some common reasons behind file loss from memory card which is supported by Remo Recover are:

Accidental Deletion- You may connect your memory card to your system in order to access or delete some files from it. But, while erasing unwanted files from it, you may accidentally delete your necessary photos or any other files from memory card. When you delete files from memory card then that does not go to Recycle Bin, so there is less possibility to recover that files using restore option. Thus you may end up with file loss from memory card.

Formatting of Memory Card –   You may format your memory card using format card option accidentally or intentionally. Whatever the reasons for formatting memory card, but that may results in file loss.

Abrupt Ejection of Memory Card- When you insert your memory card to system or any other storage devices in order to access files from it. Then you have to perform proper ejection method while removing it from devices. But sometimes in hurry you may not follow the instruction and ends up with loss of file.

Along with these cases, you may also lose your files from memory cards because of unsecured third party applications, virus infection, using same memory card on different devices etc. So, in these circumstances you can make use of Remo Recover program to get back your files from memory card.

Other features of Remo Recover tool which make your recovery process easy:

Remo recover tool comes with many unique options to carry out the recovery process such as “Find” option which you can use to find specific file from large list of recovered files. Its “Save Recovery Session” option is used to resume recovery session and thus saving scanned information that can be used to restart recovery process at the same point where you have stopped it. If you want to view recovered files before saving them to any desired location then you can use “Preview” option. With the aid of “File Type View” option it is possible to view recovered files on the basis of its file extension. “Data View” option is provided to see recovered files in hierarchical format.

Some valuable tips which you can be used to avoid file loss from memory card:

  • Most important thing is to maintain backup of memory card files on regular basis.
  • Use “Safe Removal” option while ejecting memory card from your system.
  • Do not use same memory card on different devices.
  • Always check memory card storage and don’t try to overfill the memory card.