External Hard Drive turned RAW

It is rather distressing when you encounter a RAW hard disk. It could be unexpected to see any such kind of errors as you plug an external HD into the computer. Alongside, with such troubles in the disk, it won’t be possible to read or access any data saved under the HD storage. Whenever you attempt to access any files from the disk that turned to RAW format, you would get an error message. The error message could state that the drive is not formatted or inaccessible. Proceeding to format the drive will completely erase all the data stored under it. Thereby, it proves to be risky when some important data resides in the inaccessible drive.

Nevertheless, there are a number of causes that result in the RAW file system on the removable drive.  Some common reasons are listed down here –

  • Bad sector formation on the disk
  • Structural damages in the disk file system
  • MBR or partition table corruptions
  • Power outages and abrupt system shutdown
  • Virus and malware threats
  • Improper disk operations and incorrect handling

With damages occurred to the disk file system, Windows will ultimately fail to read the drive data or files. At such a point, you need to be careful with your next move, especially when you got some important data on the drive partitions. Before that you fix the problematic drive you should initially restore drive contents before it is too late.

Retrieve data from a RAW drive

Both internal HD and external HD drives could encounter RAW format. To that, there exists a fine solution known as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to get off data from any inaccessible disk. Despite, this tool is also capable of reviving data from the drive even after a format operation. All other kinds of removable storage drives can make use of this utility for any data recovery purposes. Therewith, in the simple set of steps, you can get off disk data in their original format. Once that you are successful in restoring the drive data, you can convert the RAW drive to NTFS format using different techniques.