Google Calendar helps in achieving your goals

Google Calendar has introduced an interesting feature called as Goals. This new feature makes use of machine learning technique that helps you to figure out and let you know that when you should spend time with your family or when you should exercise.  Apart from this, there was a disclosure that this new feature is now available for Calendar’s Android and iOS apps.

There is provision of setting Goals by clicking into a category and it includes Exercise, Build a skill and Me Time which can be customized. After that you can select a specific activity, then the calendar will automatically find open slots, you can fill them with your goals and thereafter send reminders.

Sometimes, you may schedule something else then Google Calendar will find another window for your goal. With the help of Goal’s machine intelligence it is possible to keep better time slots for goals until you can no longer avoid it.

There are situations where people might think that why they need machine learning algorithms that would suggest them to take care of themselves. Well, it was noted that Goal’s purpose was very different from many other productivity apps designed to create healthy life. It seems that Google integrates most of the features from Timeful, which is smart scheduling app.

google goals

There are few advantages of Goals that many people find it trustworthy from many years. Besides, the Google Calendar turns 10 by this year and on its anniversary it will add some new features such as to do tracker called Reminders. This feature will help in competing against other time management apps.  Further these Goals may be available on the web, but for that they haven’t planned or decided any specific time frame.

In this way this amazing new feature will guide you appropriately in achieving your goals with ease.