How to Boot Windows 10 from USB

Here you will know the steps required to boot Windows 10 computer / laptop using a USB drive. Booting from a USB drive is usually carried out when your system is not booting from HDD.

Booting Windows 10 from USB:

The first and foremost thing to know before booting from USB drive is that you should have Windows 10 bootable USB drive. In case, you don’t have the drive then you may think what to do next? Luckily, you can still carry out the procedure by creating Windows 10 USB Recovery Drive. It is very easy to create Windows 10 USB recovery drive; you just need to access another system running Windows 10 OS. Process of creating Windows 10 recovery drive is easy, to know the steps, see here: How to create Windows 10 Recovery Drive.

Normally, when you ON your computer, it boots from internal hard drive where OS is installed. But, if you want to boot through USB drive, you have to do changes in the BIOS settings. Just go to BIOS options and change the boot sequence to make computer to boot from the USB drive. Know the steps which are required to enable USB boot in BIOS.

Simple Steps for Booting Windows 10 from USB Drive:

Step 1: Connect Windows 10 bootable USB drive or Windows 10 USB recovery drive to the system.
Step 2: Then, make sure that you have unplugged all external drives like card reader, printer, CD, DVD, etc. from the system, before carrying out actual process.
Step 3: Restart you computer and wait till it boots from USB drive.
Step 4: Then, select Repair your Computer option from the displayed screen.
Step 5: Now, choose Troubleshoot option from available three options – Continue, Troubleshoot and Turn off your PC and then select Advanced Options.
Step 6: After clicking advanced option, a screen will be displayed with some option. You need to click on Startup Setting option.
Step 7: Next, click on Restart option from the screen.
Step 8: Finally, your system will boot to another screen which will display 9 startup options.
Step 9: From the displayed option, choose 4th option i.e. Enable Safe Mode by pressing F4 key. (If you want to boot your system into safe mode with networking then you need to press F5 Key).

Hence, by following above method you can easily boot your Windows 10 system from an USB drive to troubleshoot problems during booting of the system from its internal hard disk.