How to repair Outlook PST file

Outlook is part of every co-operate employee’s life. Most of us start work by checking our outlook inbox, but what happens when you come across error messages like this?

  • “Microsoft Outlook has encountered problems and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience “
  • ” The file filename.pst is not a personal folders file”
  • “Unable to display the folder. The file filename.pst could not be accessed”.

These messages show that your file is corrupted and you need to repair your file. Let’s discuss how to repair these files.

Steps to repair corrupted outlook PST file

Step 1 : Open C drive and double click on ‘Program Files’ ( Select ‘Program Files X86 if you are using 64 bit OS )

Step 2 : Then search for “SCANPST.EXE” on the search box

Step 3 : Double click on “SCANPST.EXE” and then the application will open

Step 4 : There you can find a box for scanning your file, Click on “Browse” button and select the file the PST file which you need to repair.

Step 5 : Clicks on “Options” and select “no log”.

Step 6 :  Click on “Start” button

Now it starts to scan and finds whether there is any error file. And if the scan finds an error, it means that the file is corrupted. The scan will create a backup file during the repair process. If you want to change the default name or location of this backup file, you can find a box named “Enter name of backup file”, enter the new name in the box or click on Browse option to select the file you want to use.

Step 7 : Click on “Repair” , there log file’s copy will save in the same folder as PST file.

Step 8 : Open the Outlook

Step 9: There you can see the repaired files in another folder.

But you will feel complicated to go through these steps. In that cases, you can use software like PST file repair software. It will help you to do these works easily within few minutes.

Does Soft or manual support be easy?

You can try to solve it manually but it will take too much time, and you need to study detail about how to solve it & may feel some trouble to understand tech words & solving errors. But if you are depending on any PST File Repair tools, it will repair your files within few minutes and you didn’t have any needs to get complicated.

Why PST File Get Corrupted?

The reason for PST Corruption can be hardware or software issues. Commonly the reasons behind PST file corruptions are hard drive damage, file header corruption, media corruption, broken file, power issues, network issues, virus attacks, etc.

Tips to avoid PST corruption

1 . Make Clean Exist

Make sure that you do not try to shut down windows forcefully after finishing your task in outlook, hence give enough time to close outlook window. Otherwise, it may lead to corruption of pst files.

2 . Save PST files in Secure location

Try to save the pst files in some other secure locations other than the server or network drive.

3 . Avoid handling  huge volume of emails at a time

Avoid handling of bulk volume of emails on single run, it may lead to inaccessibility issues.

4 . Protection from virus

We are saving PST files on our pc, so there will be a chance for virus attack, so in order to keep sure that your computer is safe from virus attacks use a good security software I prefer paid antivirus software.

5. PST Backup

Taking of PST Backup periodically will help you to recover files easily. So I strongly recommend you to make it as a regular exercise.


We know that each and every files on our computer are very important. So we need to ensure it’s safety. Some files may corrupt due to some hardware or software issues. So we need to repair it, for repairing purpose we can use some software also. In my opinion I will recommend soft support because it will be time saving process.