Impact of Safari 8 Browser on Yosemite

Apple’s Mac OS X Yosemite is spacious and has advanced features in a way that no other OS can match, with its unparalleled integration among its built-in apps and networked devices. Apple provides us with new version of safari web browser and want us to give it a try. It is just mind blowing that the safari browser is really fast and you may not switch to other browser after using it.

Safari loads the pages faster in Mac OS X Yosemite and improves the performance of whole computer. Apple reports that safari web browser performs faster than Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on several JavaScript performance benchmarks including JSBench and Apple’s new Jetstream test. It also provides longer battery life for MacBook or laptops and moreover safari runs on 64 bit rather than 32 bit.

Mobile Friendly

For Apple, performance of safari is more important for both Mac and iOS systems as many programmers have been developing apps using Apple’s Web-rendering technology. As an added advantage, many apps chose to open the pages in the safari web browser. It has hew Handoff feature which gives you an easy way  to send a tab from your mobile to your computer, and iCloud can sync bookmarks, history, tabs and Apple’s read-later service Reading List.

Brand New Features

Safari has been designed with new tab page with favorite view, which comprises of twitter, Facebook, feedly, Social cast and New Post etc. These application sync with safari on iOS like Yosemite and provides you better access.

Limitations of Safari browser

Compared to safari, google chrome is better in tab management, as it doesn’t provides favicons, which makes it easy to lose a page you need for reference. Some of Google’s features like ability to left click and search by image, or automatic translation.