Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery

Easily restore files from Mac hard drive in a matter of minutes. Whether the files are deleted, lost or corrupted from Mac drive, you can retrieve them. To know more, read this pageā€¦

You might have saved lots of valuable data on your Mac drive. Losing important files from Mac drive is a really annoying situation. First, let us see the reasons behind data loss from Mac drive and how to restore them.

Reasons behind data loss from Mac drive

Deletion: At times, you may accidentally delete important files from Mac drive while clearing some unwanted ones and later you may even empty the Trash folder.

Interruptions: While moving files from Mac drive to another storage device, if any interruptions occur then there are possibilities of data loss from Mac HDD.

Format: You may format your Mac drive containing valuable data instead of formatting some other drive or you may format the drive due to the occurrence of format errors while trying to access Mac drive.

Other Reasons: This includes

  • If the file system of Mac HDD gets corrupt then you cannot access the files stored on it which in-turn results in data loss.
  • Using unreliable third party applications installed on your PC might lead to deletion of files from Mac drive prior to your notice.
  • While using Command+ Delete key combination to delete files from Mac drive, if you mistakenly delete valuable files then it leads to data loss.

Well, data loss occurs in some or other way but it is possible to restore files from Mac drive unless you save new files on it. Hence, it is suggested not save any new data on Mac drive until recovery. Then make use of Mac Data Recovery tool by Remo software which scans the entire Mac drive thoroughly to locate and restore files. This tool restores documents, PDF, spreadsheets, audio, video file, etc.

How Remo Recover tool helps in recovering Mac HDD data?

Actually, when files are deleted or lost from Mac HDD, they are not completely erased. It means the address pointers of the files will be removed but the data still remains there but it cannot be recognized by OS. Hence, in order to restore such files from Mac drive, Remo has designed this Mac Data Recovery tool. The process to perform file recovery from Mac hard drive is simple and can be recovered from various Mac versions including EI Capitan. This Data Recovery tool provides other unique features such as:

  • This application requires less space to install on the drive.
  • Supports recovery of files from HFS+, HFSX, exFAT, FAT16, FAT32 partitions/drives.
  • Supports recovery of data from various Mac devices such as iMac, Mac Mini, and other Mac devices.
  • Save Recovery Session helps you to pause and resume the recovery process at any instant of time.
  • You can compress the recovered files to a ZIP archive to save the disk space.
  • Restores data from inaccessible, unmountable and non-bootable drives.


  • Always maintain an additional copy of important files on other storage devices.
  • Avoid interruptions while moving files from one location to another
  • Check before emptying Trash or formatting the Mac drive