Outlook PST Recovery Software

Outlook PST files helps the users in many ways. One can carry all the Outlook data such as emails, calendars, contacts and all kinds of Outlook files in a single memory card or in a flash drive. But due to many possible reasons, it may get corrupted or damaged. In this case, you need to repair this file at any cost. Because, it might contain sensitive or important data that you need to get back. Choosing a best Outlook PST recovery software helps getting back the emails, contacts, journal files, calendar files and much more from a single PST file.

Instructions to Recover Outlook PST Data

You need to have an Outlook PST recovery software called Remo Repair PST on your computer. You can get it by downloading it from the link given on the description section of the following YouTube video.

Watch the above YouTube video to find out how to repair Outlook PST file using the tool. Go to the YouTube page by clicking on the YouTube logo above and navigate down to the description section. In it, you will find a link which leads to the page where you can download Remo Repair PST software. After successful download, begin the installation process. Once done, execute Outlook PST recovery software.

Specify you need to choose the Outlook PST file manually or leave it for the software to find the file by browsing all the directories in your Windows computer. Then, load the PST file if you choose it manually and go to the next screen of Outlook repair. Then, you’ll be able to repair the PST file just by selecting the mode of repair. Choose ‘Normal’ or ‘Advanced’ and go to the next screen. It will opt you to select a destination folder for saving the repaired PST file. Now the software begins the magic of repairing corrupt or damaged PST file and then gives you the repaired PST file at the end.

You can then get access to all of the emails as well as other files.

Causes of Outlook PST Corruption and Damage

  • Virus infections in Windows computers may lead to corruption of all the files including PST files depending upon the severity of the virus.
  • Opening PST file using unreliable tool other than MS-Outlook may lead to corruption of PST files.
  • Incomplete conversion of OST to PST file may lead to damage.
  • Error while recovering PST file or while taking the backup of PST file may result in damage or corruption.
  • PST file exceeding its limit of 4GB may result in PST file corruption.

Features of Remo Repair PST

Under all the above scenarios, the software will be able to repair PST files easily without any difficulties. The following are the set of features of this Outlook PST recovery software.

  • PST files created using any versions of MS-Outlook such as 2003. 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 can be repaired.
  • Ability to preview the repaired email headers.
  • Repairs PST with all the sizes. In simple words, this tool can repair all PST files irrespective of its sizes.
  • Ability to recover emails, contacts, journal files and all other files from the single PST file.
  • Fixes the PST files effectively using its powerful set of algorithms.

Use Remo Repair Outlook PST recovery software to repair PST file simply, easily and effectively. Watching the above video gives you a clear understanding about PST file repair process.