Retrieve Files from Apple Laptop

Do you want to restore data from your Apple laptop? You may come across situation where you lose important data stored in your Apple Laptop. There are various reasons due to which you might either delete the files or data may go missing without any prior notification. Such situations might be very annoying if you don’t have any backup copy.

It is possible to restore data from Apple computer?

Above question is the most common one to arise in your mind soon after you experience data loss situation. However, you need not worry as you can get back data from your Apple computer with the help of some Mac Recovery Software.

When data is deleted or lost from Apple laptop, it is actually not gone permanently. In fact, the data is still present in the drive but in hidden state. Hence, in order to retrieve files from Apple laptop, you should make use of Mac Recovery Software by Remo.

But, Remember One Thing….

You should not save any new data in your Apple laptop soon after you realize loss of data till you perform data recovery process. If you do so, then chances of data recovery may get reduced.

Remo Mac Recovery Software

Mac Recovery Software by Remo is designed with advanced algorithms which work on read only mode. Hence, during recovery process, tool ensures that actual data is kept intact. It restores data from Apple laptop within few simple clicks. The tool also supports recovery of deleted or missing files with ease.

The recovery software will recover data from formatted, re-formatted, or corrupted drives of Apple Laptop. It supports file systems such as HFS, HFS+ and HFSX. This utility will easily locate files on the basis of its unique signature (file type) and restore it.

Features of Remo Mac Recovery Software

  • Restore data from volume that do not mount at all
  • Recognizes and preserves same file name and structure after recovery
  • Can sort restored data list on the basis of name, size, type and date of creation
  • Find Tool helps you to find required data from restored file list
  • Provides option to add / edit file type that are not listed
  • Save Recovery Session can be used to pause / resume recovery process
  • Evaluate restored file in Mac Styled Interface with the help of Preview option

Supported Mac Versions:  El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard

Other features offered by Remo Mac Recovery Software

Remo Recover Tool can also recover data from formatted, deleted or missing volumes. You can use the software to restore data from external hard drive, pen drive, USB flash drive and other storage drives. Moreover, the tool provides you option to save restored data in any storage drives including CD and DVD. You can even save retrieved file in ZIP compressed folder in order to save disk space.

Additionally, Remo Mac Recovery software is

  • User friendly interface that provides step to step guidance throughout recovery process
  • Safe and secure to install in laptop / computer
  • Trail version is available so that you can check its recovery results before purchasing licensed version
  • Can use 24/7 customer support

(Note: In Trail version, you can only preview restored data and cannot save it. In order to save restored files you need to upgrade the software to licensed version.)

Remo Recover Supported Scenarios

Accidental formatting: You might accidentally format important drive instead of formatting unused ones. Thus, this may lead to data loss situation from your Apple laptop.

Partition Error: If you carry out improper partitioning process to create, modify or extend volume then, there are chances that some data may go missing. In some case, the partition may get corrupted.

Damage MBR: You may face data loss situation if Master Boot Record (MBR) of your Mac laptop volume gets damaged under some circumstances.

File system Corruption: File system of your Apple drive may get corrupted due to various factors which may result into data loss situation.

Other factors: Command Delete Keys, Catalog file corruption, accidental deletion, volume header corruption, third party application, emptying trash folder, etc, can lead to loss of data.

Some tips to avoid above data loss in future

  • Enable Time Machine feature in your Mac laptop / system to keep backup copy
  • Avoid unsecure tool to create volumes in Mac drive
  • Before deleting any volume, make sure whether right volume is selected or not