Retrieving Files from Unbootable Hard Drive

Performance of hard drive plays a vital role in system operations. Everything you create in your system is stored in hard drive. Files, documents, video, audio and even the operating system are stored in hard drive only. Hard drive has enormous amount of memory so it is considered to be a large repository of data.

In that case if any problem like non-booting occurs in hard drive then it will affect the whole system performance and large amount of data may be lost. If your computer shows error messages like”Disk boot failure” or“FATAL:No bootable medium found! System halted” then it is due to your unbootable hard drive where your operating system is stored on.

Some of the other reasons like incorrect boot sequence, malfunctioning of newly installed hard drive, or a damaged disk may result in the boot failure of hard drive. Errors can occur while repartitioning the hard drive which makes the drive collision and makes it unbootable. Another reason is file system corruption which affects the booting process of hard disk.

Rest of the problems observed in hard drive:

Other than that hard drive becomes inaccessible and data is lost due to many other scenarios.

  • MBR (Master Boot Record) is the starting point of any hard drive and it carries out the boot process and loads the operating system. If any problem occurs in MBR then it will make the hard drive unbootable.
  • Continuously using the hard drive may create bad sectors and if it increases then the hard drive becomes unbootable.
  • Hard drive becomes unbootable if the boot file gets affected due to virus attacks.
  • Faulty installation of operating system can cause hard drive failure which affects the booting process of the hard drive.

Generally, as a precautionary measure people use to take back up of data in the hard drive to avoid data loss situations. But what if the backup is not taken, at such scenarios we need powerful recovery tool to recover the data from hard drive. Remo Recover is one such tool used to recover the data from hard drive that is inaccessible or having booting problems etc.

Remo Recover –Restore the data from unbootable hard drive:

Remo Recover software can deal non-booting or inaccessible hard drives that are affected due to any complicated reasons. It has advanced recovery algorithms which deep scans the hard drive with large capacity and restore unbootable hard drive data. It can recover all types of data which includes documents, audio, video, operating system etc. It supports different kinds of hard drive like IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSD, external USB etc. Apart from that it can retrieve data from formatted/reformatted and partitioned/repartitioned hard drives. The data recovered retains its original file type and structure.

It can create disk images from bad sectors so that the data can be recovered from those images. “Find” option makes it easier for a user to locate a particular file among the other data. “Preview” option facilitates the user with choice of reviewing the recovered data. Along with that it can also retrieve files from the hard drives that have been accidently deleted by the user using “Format” option. The recovered data can be sorted based on their file type, size and date etc. you can also add or edit signatures to the files.

You are a Mac OS user? No problem. Remo Recover is compatible to use with both Windows and Mac operating system. Various file system supported are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5,  exFAT , HFSX, HFS+ etc.

Points to remember to avoid unbootable hard drive data loss:

  • Do not try to install more than one operating system and avoid multi-booting environment.
  • Shutdown the system in proper way to avoid “STOP error”.
  • Always have a periodical back up of data stored in the hard drive.
  • Update the antivirus software in your system to avoid file loss in hard drive.
  • Avoid the bad sectors in hard drive by doing defragmentation.