Two Ways to Reduce Outlook OST file Size

If you’re reading this page, it is because you have come across certain issues with your Outlook OST file. The user may face issues when the Outlook OST file size is increased. Sometimes the size of the OST file increases beyond its limited size. In such situations, Outlook file gets corrupted. Once the Outlook file exceeds the maximum size limit, users may face various issues as mentioned below:

  • Unable to synchronize Outlook files with Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Cannot load or access the OST files
  • Error messages during synchronization process
  • Unable to add new data files to existing OST file

Generally, users opt for various methods to delete an OST file junk data in order to reduce size. But it does not exactly delete the file. In fact, the files are migrated into another folder. Therefore, this cannot reduce the Size of Outlook OST file as these removed files go to ‘Trash’ folder and ultimately result in the increased size of ‘Trash’ folder. Moreover, the size of OST file remains the same.

This page will provide you with some ways to reduce size of OST file:

Important: It is recommended to take a backup of the entire Outlook data before going for methods to minimize OST file size.

1: Rename OST file – Outlook files create problem while opening, sending /receiving mails. Therefore, you can rename the OST file to solve this problem. Once the renaming of OST files is done, restart Microsoft Outlook.

2: Run Microsoft Outlook in safe mode – According to this, you need to run the MS Outlook application in safe mode.

3: Archive the data of OST file: Once the space is unavailable on a server, it is suggested to archive it on offline Exchange server. A new file will be created, which may help to clear the space.

4: Generate new Outlook Profile – Another thing you can do is delete the current profile in Outlook. In place of the deleted profile, create a new profile to access Outlook with Exchange server.

5: Disable Add-Ons – It is possible that some add-ons disrupt the working of Microsoft Outlook resulting in improper working. In such cases, you need to disable all the add-ons that are installed in your MS Outlook.

After performing above easy steps, you will easily be able to minimize OST file size in a very short span of time.

Precautionary measures:

OST data file may cross the limits of defined file size limitation. Therefore, it is important to keep some points in mind to avoid this situation.

  • Always remove the unwanted items from all the folders of Outlook OST file
  • Whenever you delete a mail, it is recommended to execute hard deletion on it
  • Regularly reduce or compress file size of Outlook OST