What Makes Linux Desktop Better than Others

For those who are still unaware of Linux Desktop’s advantages, go through this article. Here, you will get to know some of the Linux desktop’s advantages. Read this page, to know more…

First of all, Linux is free. The operating system or any of the programs you run will not cost you a dime. Linux lets users access the basic tools of a modern computer such as word processing and photo editing which otherwise might be unavailable as they are more costly.

Instead of weighing the merits of Mac or Windows, you will have vast choice offered by hundreds of distributions which facilitates different flavors of Linux which can be tried until you find the perfect one.

Saves money

Linux can save money on hardware, as some manufacturers such as Dell offers a discount for buying a computer with preinstalled Linux. They charge less because they don’t have to pass on the cost of licensing Windows from Microsoft.

Make It Your Own

There is nothing to customize in Linux. Linux desktop environment includes collections of basic user programs and visual elements such as status bars and launchers, and so on. Some Linux distributions come with a collection of the desktop environment. For instance, you can take Ubuntu which is paired with the Unity desktop. Others, such as Debian, let you opt during installation. In both the cases, users are free to change to any one as they like.

Among the popular Linux desktops, you can choose glossy modern interfaces like KDE Plasma or Gnome, or simple and lightweight ones such as Xfce and MATE. With each of these, it’s possible to personalize your setup further by changing the themes, system trays and menus, and so on.

Provides Security

With Linux, you can implement complete control over signature checking as you opt, and the major distributions enforce safe default settings. However, you might be shocked to find a single mainstream OS that offers daily updates, but with Linux there are dozens.

Natural Development Platform

With a Linux desktop, developers and the users who are interested in programming have more benefits because of Linux’s great development tools. The best compiling tools among them are the GNU C Compiler, GNU Autoconf. Most of the Internet’s infrastructure and connected devices run on Linux from servers to smart devices. Coding for these devices on Linux makes testing easier.

Benefits with friendly Community

Linux has a friendly community as its niche desktop OS, with about 3 percent market share, so the users who use it want prospective newcomers to stick around. Also, there are user forums, especially for beginner-friendly distributions like Ubuntu. This includes comprehensive guides to walk through the basics and troubleshoot issues as the power users tend to prefer Linux, wiki pages for distributions often contain thorough documentation. This is often applicable across distributions which enable users to carry out even the most esoteric projects.

Also, there are casual Linux forums and Reddit threads for everything from comparing different software to showing off desktop themes. Linux offers something for everyone. Hope, this brief information of Linux advantages gives you some idea about Linux desktop.